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Why I became a life and mindfulness coach...

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Hi everyone! welcome to my blog. I am so glad you are here. I wanted to write a post on why I made the decision to become a life and mindfulness coach. First a little background may help on who I am. I am a wife, mom and preschool teacher. I live in northern NJ with my husband of 9 years and my two kiddos: Taylor (7) and Layne (18 months). I started my own personal growth journey just a little over a year ago while I was home on my maternity leave with my son. I started creating a morning routine, eating intuitively, meditating and working on my self-worth as well as creating boundaries with others and people pleasing. To say I have made progress over the year is an understatement. I am so proud of myself for the growth I have done and who I am today. While I am always going to be working on myself, I had a strong desire to want to share and help other women feel "unstuck" in their own lives. That's when I did some research and decided to get certified as a life coach.

So I invested in an online course for my certification. In June I had passed and received my certification as a life and mindfulness coach. That was the moment I decided to go all in and pursue my passion of helping women feel unstuck. I dove head first into creating my own coaching business and creating my website. While I am still working on establishing my clients, I am looking forward to creating a successful business I can work with full time.

So here it is a summery of what I have been up to and how I got there! Please feel free to explore my site and ask any questions or comments you may have. I love to be here for support or help with anyone on any topics or issues they may be having. I look forward to writing my next post for you. Please leave a comment if you have any post requests!


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