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Hello! I am so happy you are here. I'm Casey a certified life and mindfulness coach. I am also a wife and mom. I know all too well what it's like to be going on that diet, counting calories, obsessing about food, worrying  that I will gain weight. I did this for years. I deprived myself of certain foods in an attempt to control my body. I was in an endless cycle of a constant battle with my body. One day I had reached my breaking point. I got myself a health coach and started to research intuitive eating. It was then that I started to get my life back on track and end being on a miserable diet for good. I can now say that I never diet and have total food freedom. 


If you are curious about ending that diet cycle for good and learn to love yourself, then read on about my private coaching program. My promise is that I can get you feeling amazing in your life, have total food freedom, and love yourself in the process and after.

 6 month 1:1 private coaching program

During our private session these are some of the topics we might explore:

  • Your limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Developing a journaling practice for you

  • Meditation Practices for you

  • Mindfulness Tools to help you become more present 

  • Action Steps to end dieting for good

  • Ditching your scale

  • Ending that binge/restrict cycle

  • Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Movement

  • Self-Care practices for you

  • Learn to love your body

  • Have total food freedom

My private coaching program includes:

  • A private, 45 minute coaching session bi- weekly for 6 months. (12 sessions total) 

  • Weekly Voxer support from me.

  •  An awesome welcome package


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In this 60 minute complimentary session we will chat about your pain points and struggles and discuss a plan to get you that joy filled life you are craving! Fill out the application and then we can set up your free call to see if you are a right fit for private coaching with me.

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What my clients are saying..


"Working with Casey has left me feeling cared for and understood, I have learned a lot. Thank you for working with me."